Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exmerge error: "Store 'MSPST MS' was not opened."

I was running an Exchange Server in English and then tried to move the accounts using exmerge to one in German when I ran into this error. After much reading I came accross this website: which states:

"Store 'MSPST MS' was not opened Store 'MSEMS' was not opened

The Store 'MSPST MS' was not opened or Store 'MSEMS' was not opened errors might be seen in the ExMerge log file (ExMerge.log) after merging data from the recovery storage group has failed. These errors typically indicate a language localization mismatch problem. The errors can usually be resolved by entering the correct localized names for the MAPI services on which ExMerge depends.

  1. In the ExMerge.ini file that is bundled with the ExMerge tool, find the LoggingLevel line and set its value to 3 instead of 0. This enables verbose logging of ExMerge errors.

  2. Run ExMerge again to generate the error condition again. To reduce the output to the log file, select only a single mailbox to merge.

  3. In the ExMerge.log file, find the lines that begin with "Checking service" and that are followed by a "was not opened" error. For example:

    [15:02:19] Checking service 'Microsoft Exchange Message Store'
    [15:02:19] Checking service 'Personal Folders'
    [15:02:19] Store 'MSPST MS' was not opened.
    [15:02:19] Ending Routine: EDKRoutines::OpenStores)
  4. In the ExMerge.ini file, find LocalisedExchangeServerServiceName and remove the semicolon (;) that precedes the line. Then set the value to the service name displayed in the ExMerge.log file. For example:

    LocalisedExchangeServerServiceName = Microsoft Exchange Message Store
  5. In the ExMerge.ini file, find LocalisedPersonalFoldersServiceName and remove the semicolon (;) that precedes the line. Then set the value to the service name displayed in the ExMerge.log file. For example:

    LocalisedPersonalFoldersServiceName = Personal Folders

So, simply find the localised names and remove the ';' from the one you need to use. For example, in my case I needed spanish so I removed it from the Spanish one and here is what I ended up with:

; French
;LocalisedPersonalFoldersServiceName=Dossiers personnels
; Spanish
LocalisedPersonalFoldersServiceName=Carpetas personales
; German
;LocalisedPersonalFoldersServiceName=Persönliche Ordner
; Italian
;LocalisedPersonalFoldersServiceName=Cartelle personali

From the looks of it, you will run into issues if you are using ExMerge for a French, Spanish, German or Italian system. Hope this helps!


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Thank you sooo much! It was very helpful to me.

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Thanks very much, this was an absolute godsend, I was pulling my hair out

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Thank you so much. This was really very helpful.



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Hey thank you very much! Your Experence helped me too, and it lets me take my own experence on exmerge!!



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Thank you! You just saved me some hours of work!

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