Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Solaris Shell Profile

Type the following in terminal:

su -
stty erase ^H
export TERM
exec tcsh -l
eval `/usr/openwin/bin/resize -c`

Now, type in:

passwd -e

as the new shell, type in “/bin/tcsh”. Your default shell has now been changed to the Tenex C-shell; it can do everything bash can.

Don’t modify root’s SHELL.

type in “exit
type in “exit” again, then log in.

Create and edit the following files with your preferred text editor:

vi /.login

add this line:

stty erase ^H

vi /.cshrc

add these lines:

set Resize="/usr/openwin/bin/resize"

set autolist
set notify
set correct=cmd
set prompt="[%B%n@%m%b][%B%~%b]> "
set savehist=7000

eval "$Resize" -c

setenv TERM vt100
setenv PAGER ´less -s´

Anyways, now your cursor keys and the [BACKSPACE] will always work properly

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