Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Youtube Video's thumbnail in not showing when sharing to FaceBook

After posting the thumbnail-less link to my page for the hundredth time, I decided to try sharing the link via the Facebook App on my Mobile Phone. When I did, I noticed a that the app added a suffix to my original link "&sns=fb".

I tried it and it worked...first try. I'm hoping it works when I try to post our next weekly video.

Try the following steps. I hope they work for you, too!

1) On the YouTube video page, click "Share" - be sure to select "Long Link".

2) Copy the link and paste it into your Notepad program.

3) Add "&sns=fb" to the end of the link. 

4) Copy your new link and paste it into your Facebook status.

5) Cross your fingers.

Another  solution:

Go here and enter the URL
It will force it to refresh the cache for the given URL.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG THIS TOTALLY WORKED and it has made my life THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR SHARING. I hate Facebook...