Friday, July 31, 2009

Pass Password to SSH Command

Install sshpass (Debian Package).

run ssh command as follow:

sshpass -p [yourpassword] ssh [yourusername]@[host]

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jjessica said...

Hi, I was triying to hack a page, but I get false positives every time I run Hydra or even Brutus.

I don't think my commands are wrong.Look:
hydra -l 2007112050 -P list.txt -e ns -s 80 -f http-post-form "simat/app/aca/acapma/pages/loginmat.jsp?f=1&n=1:as_userlogin=^USER^&as_password=^PASS^&as_button=Continuar:Contraseña inválida"

I think the last part CONTRASEÑA INVÁLIDA=Invalid Password is wrong.

What do I suposse to write there? The string I get when the user is wrong or non existing (and therefore the password is wrong) or what I get when the password is wrong.

I've tried so many things, I'm running out of ideas.

Please help