Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Activate 3D Desktop in Ubuntu

1. Open a terminal window, type:
sudo apt-get install 3ddesktop
press enter

2. 3ddesktop should be installed.

3. you can type 3ddesk and press enter (normal user) in terminal to run this. (Use arrow keys to change desktops, enter to select that desktop

How to make a desktop launcher for 3d desktop:

1.Right click on an empty area in the taskbar, and click "add to panel"
2. Double click "custom application launcher"
3. Name: 3D Desktop changer
Comment: My cool 3D Desktop changer (or whatever you like)
Command: 3ddesk
Make sure you have "run in terminal" unchecked.
If you want, you can select an icon by clicking on "no icon" button.
4. CLick OK

To run 3ddesktop switcher, just click on the icon you just made on the panel.

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